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A Balanced Diet through Natural Balance

A Balanced Diet through Natural Balance

DogUltraChickenDuck We've been carrying Dick van Patten's Natural Balance for quite a long time now, and it's become one of our best and most consistent staple offerings for new dog owners. It has a wide variety of flavors for any kind of dog, from beef to fish to even rarer flavors like kangaroo. They also have kibble specifically formulated for overweight dogs and cats, as well as many adjusted formulae for small breed and large breed dogs, so they're sure to have something for your lovely pet, no matter how large or small. Natural Balance also has many flavors of kibble that are LID, meaning they only have a few specific carbohydrate sources, and only one protein source. This helps ensure your dog or cat won't be exposed to any grains or meats that would cause an allergic reaction. Additionally, they add taurine to their foods, which few other brands do. Taurine is great for improving your dog or cat's heart health, making sure they'll be with you for years to come! You can find most of their products in our physical store, as well as on our website at
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