Bayer's new Seresto Collar

Bayer's new Seresto Collar

If your pets have flea problems and you have tried everything, please take the time to look at this product. In the past few years there have been a few new products for external use that have made it to the market but nothing that works as well as this one does. The Seresto Flea Collar has been the one to choose when all else has failed. It uses a slow timed release mechanism to spread its flea and tick formula over eight months, to ensure your pet's protected at the same level for all that time. At the first sight of a flea anywhere in your environment you can almost guarantee that its an infestation. In addition to the regular response to a flea infestation (first vacuum extensively everywhere, rugs, hardwood floors, tile, furniture, backs of closets and anywhere your pet may hang out, then use a good flea spray, such as Natural Chemistry, then after 3 days repeat the process) getting a Seresto Collar for your pet can help ensure that all that hard work isn't a lost cause.

        You can find the Seresto Collars at

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