Big  Shrimpy's Long-Lasting Beds

Big Shrimpy's Long-Lasting Beds

< Despite their name, Big Shrimpy's pet beds are not, in fact, made for shrimp, but are made for regular dogs and cats. We've discussed beds on this blog before, but while Snoozer's Cozy Cave and Pet Pizzaz's Padded Pita beds are wonderful, they both appeal to those cats and dogs who like to feel surrounded by warmth. Not all pets enjoy that experience, and may feel claustrophobic in such a bed. Sometimes, they might just want a nice, large, well-padded space to curl up and lie down on, while still allowing you to easily give them all the loving pats and nuzzles they deserve. For those pets, Big Shrimpy's Original, Bogo, and Drift Pad beds are fantastic options. A lot of the time, beds such as this aren't made from material strong enough to withstand the constant wear and tear of your dog or cat jumping on and kneading the fabric over and over. To avoid this, Big Shrimpy's beds are made of tough, durable fabrics, initially designed for travel products. They're even made with recycled fleece scraps and stuffed with recycled polyester fabrics, which makes them more environmentally friendly than most beds, while still being machine-washable. You can find Big Shrimpy's Original and Bogo beds (along with others) on our website at
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