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Dog and Baby Cohabitation Tips #1

Dog and Baby Cohabitation Tips #1

StephMillerBioPic Hey there, readers! Here's the first blog post guest-written by our friend, long-time shopper and dog caretaker Stephanie Miller, who's written a series of small articles (and some longer ones) about how to train your dog to act properly around a baby. Check out her website at
Keep your dog happily occupied while you’re feeding, changing, and holding your baby by stocking your fridge with a week’s worth of stuffed, frozen Kongs. Use special treats like peanut butter and cottage cheese mixed with last night’s leftover chicken breast, as well as his usual kibble or wet food. (You can feed Fido all his meals this way, too.) Then when you need a few uninterrupted moments, just send Fido to his bed, give him his pupsicle, and nurse in peace.
  You can find some treats you might want to use in this manner, as well as some other toys and treats, at
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