Freeze Dried Pet Food from Stella and Chewy's

        There's many methods of feeding your pet, from kibble to raw and it can be very overwhelming with the amount and variety of the many selection of foods. Some of the best ones are made in the USA with wild caught fish, grass fed beef, organic fruits and vegetables, no added hormones and no artificial preservatives. These types of basic ingredients are what to look for when deciding on which brand to start with. There's also some great advantages when using freeze dried foods in your pet's diet. A great example is if you have a senior pet and you want to make sure they're drinking enough water, you can do so by adding water to this food. Its also great for traveling, a topper on dry kibble or if they have an upset tummy, especially paired with some cooked white rice. Stella and Chewy's is one that I would pick when looking for a freeze dried food. It boasts a long list of USA farmed ingredients with testing of every batch. You can find Stella and Chewy's at
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