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Fromm Wisconsin With Love

Fromm Wisconsin With Love

four-star-dog-dry-4-lamb-lentil Fromm has been making pet food for a long time, ever since the late 1940's. They first developed a vaccine for distemper in cats and dogs, and then, realizing there was a market for it, began to make pet food as well. Today, Fromm is one of the oldest pet food manufacturers in the United States, and has pioneered some of the practices that are common in the industry. Their offerings are varied-they have lamb, beef, salmon, chicken, even pork, and in both grain-free (if your dog has any allergies) and with-grain varieties. Their ingredients are all USA-farmed or fished (save for the lamb, which is from New Zealand), and are made with care in smaller batches. As an added benefit, all their recipes are rotational, so you can switch between any of the grain-free flavors or any of their with-grain flavors without difficulty. If you're at all worried about your dog getting bored or annoyed at being fed the same flavor, you can switch to a new flavor without causing your dog any stomach problems. As an additional bonus, most of their recipes also have Wisconsin Cheese, a unique source of protein and fatty acids, which increases palatability. You can find Fromm products on our website at:
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