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Give Your Dog Bliss with Chews Happiness

Give Your Dog Bliss with Chews Happiness

sunray-dog-sweater-2Introducing Happiness Hugs: stunning, environmentally conscious fashion and accessories from cruelty-free yak down, for dogs. They're luxuriously soft, silky, and are even warmer and more eco-friendly than cashmere. Handcrafted by Bhutanese women artisans, Happiness Hugs dog apparel feature traditional Bhutanese motifs with spiritual meanings celebrating the connections between us, our dogs, and the planet  By taking a holistic approach, Chews Happiness aspires to create a never-ending Happiness Cycle. The Cycle includes Happy Dogs, who have access to their incredible creations, Happy Doggie Parents, who can feel good about the quality and sustainability of their products, Happy Herders and Artisans who are able to maintain traditional lifestyles high up in the Himalayas, Happy Yaks, who can maintain their semi-wild lifestyles, and a Happy Planet that ultimately benefits from Chews Happiness' environmental consciousness. Yak down is naturally shed and is one of the warmest natural fibers. Unlike cashmere, which is causing massive desertification due to overgrazing of huge herds of cashmere goats, yak down is a sustainable fiber. So go ahead, give your dog a hug! You can find these products, including their leashes and collars, on our website at
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