Giving Thanks for Orijen

Giving Thanks for Orijen


Firstly, happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you enjoyed your holiday feast, and that you gave your cat or dog a special treat (not from your plate) for the day, to thank them for being such great friends. In that vein, we thought we'd tell you about another possible food you can give your pet, that even comes in a nice treat-size bag, along with the more traditional sizes: Orijen. Orijen is made with the ideal of ensuring the food your pet eats is as close dietarily to what they have evolved to eat as possible. That means making formulas using meats that your pet is evolutionarily pre-disposed to eat, in the same quantities as they would get in a normal diet. In line with that ideal, they make sure that their foods are meat-rich, and grain-free, to match what their diets would be like in the wild. Additionally, their meats and vegetables are all locally sourced and sustainably farmed, keeping them fresh and high-quality. They also don't use a lot of the normal high-glycemic ingredients that are used in a lot of other dog and cat foods nowadays. You can find the 5lb, 15lb, and 30lb bags on our website at, and the 120z bags in our physical store at 509 Cortland Avenue.
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