Honest Kitchen's Dehydration Sensation

Honest Kitchen's Dehydration Sensation

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Honest Kitchen's food may seem a bit odd when you first open a box of it - it simply looks like powder. When you add the requisite amount of water however, you'll see that that powder is actually dehydrated meats and vegetables, and with that little bit of water, they are now rehydrated and ready to give your pet those vital nutrients and wonderful flavors they love so much.

Honest Kitchen makes their food in a way few other companies do: they dehydrate it, preserving it wonderfully until you rehydrate it. This process has quite a few bonuses: unlike kibble, it keeps the food tasting fresh and unprocessed, and unlike most canned food, it doesn't use sugary preservatives that can have long-term health impacts. While it can be combined with raw food quite well, it's also a nice alternative if your pet can't stomach frozen or freeze-dried raw food, and while nothing can beat a home-made meal, Honest Kitchen is a lot less of a time commitment.

Even better, Honest Kitchen has helped many dogs with health issues, from making them more energetic, to helping with their weight, even helping with digestion and skin and coat issues.

You can find their products on our website, like their Embark food at http://www.bernalbeast.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=4203.
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