Introducing Paw Pops - Popsicles for dogs! Now on

Introducing Paw Pops - Popsicles for dogs! Now on

Photo credits go to husky_hunterr on instagram.

We are happy to be featuring a new product in our store that we know you and your dog are going to love!  Imagine a delicious, refreshing, and nutritious snack that dogs love and you can feel confident treating your pup to.  Well, look no further than Paw Pops!

Paw Pops are tasty, healthy, and natural popsicles for dogs that are perfect after a hike, your daily walk, or just sitting outside by the barbeque watching the world go by with your furry best friend.

Paw Pops is on a mission to fill every home and doggy tummy with treats that put nutrition and well-being first—oh—and they taste great too!

Be sure to check out their selection of tasty treats in our store and know that your purchase is going to a great cause as Paw Pops donates a portion of every sale to the League for Animals & People of Summit.

You can also find out more about Paw Pops and their mission by going to and be sure to share your feedback on how much your dog loves their treats!

Check out Paw Pops on right now! New to the site today!

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Angela Christiansen - June 19, 2019

Thanks Tony, I look forward to shopping at your establishment. 👍

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