Introducing Tierra Mia Organics

Introducing Tierra Mia Organics

Tierra Mia Family. From left: Phil, Emily, Sylvia

Emily is here to introduce Tierra Mia Organics - her family's natural, goat milk based personal care product line for people and pets. We've just started carrying some of their great soaps and creams so we'd like to let her tell you all a little about what makes their brand and products so special: “Sham-pup was one of the first soaps we made.  We had a mini Australian shepherd and found that our goat milk soap did wonders for his thick coat, so we formulated the soap with a blend of organic coconut oil and tea tree oil and my brother came up with the name Sham-pup and now this pet soap bar is one of our top-selling soap bars!” Sham-pup can be used on cats and dogs a like. “We have a customer who uses it on her guinea pig.” It 100% natural cold-process soap, chemical-free soap that will leave your pet’s skin and coat healthy, conditioned and shiny. Tierra Mia Organics is a family owned company making goat milk personal care products right here in the east bay area. And not just any goat milk products, this local company has their very own dairy goats, which they raise and care for themselves. “We are very proud to say that our products have fresh goat milk. It really makes the difference in the quality of the products.” Run by the mother-daughter team Sylvia & Emily. “I joined full-time about 2 years ago, but my mother started this about 7 years ago after she purchased her first goat.” Sylvia transitioned from skin care specialist to personal care product creator relatively quickly when she realized she could make the kind of natural products she could not find on the market.“Goat milk is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fats that promote cellular renewal and that milk we add organic food grade oils.  It’s really good stuff, no preservatives. I tell people, you could eat this soap, I wouldn’t recommend it, but it won’t harm you.”

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