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Make your Doggie Smile with Smiling Doggie

Make your Doggie Smile with Smiling Doggie


Smiling doggie makes a variety of wonderful plush toys. What makes these colorful toys unique is that they are made for strong chewers. The toys are made from long pieces of felt wrapped up to create a plush form. The felt is a sturdy material and due to the design the toy doesn't need to be thrown away even if the original form is chewed or clawed open. Additionally, with the lack of stuffing, there won't even be a mess! There are a variety of colors and sizes for every size dog you can think of. You even have a choice of putting a squeaker inside or not depending on you and your pet's preference. They also make cat toys, which, while smaller, are made in the same manner as the dog toys. They have the same great options for fabric and sizes, and can even have a squeaker as well. You can find these great toys on our website at:

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