Open Farm's Ethical Charm

Open Farm's Ethical Charm

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Open Farm is a relatively new food - we only started carrying it about a week ago, but we were immediately captured by its mission and dedication.

Open Farm's main goal is to provide a dog food that is ethically raised and sourced, while still being a food your dog can love. All of the ingredients for their foods, pork, chicken, turkey, and more come from farms that raise their animals by the standards of the Certified Humane Raised & Handled program from the Humane Farm Animal Care group. This means these animals were not caged, or injected with growth hormones or antibiotics, and were provided ample space to reduce stress, so you can rest assured the food was made humanely. As an added benefit, this helps support many family-run farms, who put a lot of care into the animals they house. Additionally, their fish are never farmed, but are sea-caught, via sustainable fishing practices to ensure that your dog's food never comes at the expense of the environment.

With a food made of such great ingredients, you know it has to be great for your dog as well! It's grain-free, to help avoid allergies, and are a great source of healthy oils and fatty acids, to help keep your dog's skin and coat smooth, and make sure they're getting the diet they need to stay healthy.

You can find Open Farm on our website at

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