Organic Oscar Pet Shampoo

         Here's a little help on picking a shampoo for your pet. There are many shampoos out there with lots of claims about what they can do for your pet's skin and coat. Some claim to have great smelling fragrances and other ingredients that will whiten or de-tangle your pet's fur, claim to be all natural, or even claim to keep those fleas away. I've seen and heard many problems over the last 20 years dealing with pets' skin and coat and (after the first basic questions about the pet's diet), I ask what kind of shampoo is currently being used and how often. The basic rule is to bathe them once a month and use a shampoo that will clean and rinse well. I often recommend Organic Oscar. It uses 90% certified organic ingredients, with no artificial fragrances, sulfates or petroleum products, and leaves the skin and coat soft and gentle to the touch. It's also all USA made with NO animal testing. In addition, thanks to its specially designed aloe vera formula, it even soothes and calms the dry or irritated skin of those dogs who seem to scratch just a bit more often than you'd like. You can find Organic Oscar at
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