Picking the Right Pet Bed

Cozy Cave Wag Collection There's always a decision to make when picking the right bed for your pet. There's the type of bed, the size, type of cushion, the color, the price and whether or not your pet will chew it up the first week. These are all the basic factors that are to be considered when choosing a bed for your pet. They're just like us, they either like to sleep all sprawled out or all curled up. Either way the bed has to fit their needs. Snoozer Beds has great options to be able to fit those needs for your pet. One example of what they have to offer is their "Cozy Caves" collection, a bed with a covered top that gives your pet a place to snuggle, and with a great selection of cushions and colors to choose from. This independent company started in 1985 in South Carolina and has had a strong following ever since due to their great selection of pet beds. We offer their entire collection of products on our website www.bernalbeast.com/productDetails.asp?ProductCode=330 with free shipping, so please take a look and see what they have to offer.
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