Safe and Secure with Snoozer's Lookout Car Seats

Safe and Secure with Snoozer's Lookout Car Seats

          Taking a drive with your pet can be an uncomfortable experience for you and them. They may not enjoy being stuck in a boring enclosed space without a nice spot to curl up and lie down, while you may worry about what would happen to them in an accident. With Snoozer's car seats, you can provide your pet with a nice, comfortable place to sit and look out at the world, while also providing a secure spot for them in case of an accident. With a cozy, faux lamb wool interior, your pet will be nice and comfy as they ride, helping prevent them from scratching the upholstery out of worry or boredom. The lookout seats are designed to easily be secured to your car seat by simply buckling the seatbelt, making it easy to install and remove if you have to accommodate more passengers. Your pet can easily be secured by connecting their collar or harness to the seat with the attached connector strap. This way, in the event of an accident, you don't have to worry about your pet being flung into the windshield or hurtling in to you hard enough to cause serious injury. Instead, they'll be secured in a safe, comfy seat, from which they can look out at the world, making both you and your pet enjoy that car ride!

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