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Please expect order delays over the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience.
Please expect order delays over the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience.
StephBlog: Tips for avoiding the tipping point!

StephBlog: Tips for avoiding the tipping point!

You don’t have to relent to house destruction, limiting houseguests or popping Xanax just because you adopted an animal into your home! Here are some ideas to make your new addition fit into your life smoothly and happily.


Bernal Beast currently carries these dog crates and supplies in store, but not yet online. A standard metal wire crate big enough for the adult size of your dog. A crate cover that fits your wire crate to keep your dog feeling safe. A wire crate divider to keep your cage the right size while your dog grows. BUY A CRATE – STAT! My favorites are the wire crates with the moveable barrier inside that can be positioned differently as your pup/dog grows. But you should also purchase one of the fitted crate covers so the dogs feel tucked into their den, not out in the open. Remember, dogs like dens – we are being anthropomorphic when we feel guilt about the amount of space we give our dogs. The myth is that dogs are space-intensive; the truth is they are time-intensive. You can adopt a dog into your life even if you live in a small studio apartment! Just budget for a dog walker or make sure you have room in your schedule to give your dog a good run-around and he/she will be fine! Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a crate when you decide to bring a dog into your home/family:
  1. Housetraining: prompts the dog to hold bladder and bowels when unsupervised to expedite housetraining.
  2. Chew-training: prevents the dog from chewing furniture, walls and anything else except the chew toys he is crated with so good habits automatically form.
  3. Settling down: patterns dog to be inactive when alone.
  4. Owner as good guy: by decimating housetraining and chew-training mistakes, dog partially “self-trains,” reducing amount of reprimanding and bad-guy stuff for owner. Preparation for possible close confinement: dogs that are used to close confinement are less likely to be stressed when caged during a hospital stay or travel.
Contact me @ if you want step-by-step help initiating crate-training:
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