Supporting Your Pet with the Combo Harness

Supporting Your Pet with the Combo Harness

        When your dog starts getting old, or if they've just had some important surgery, they can start to find it more difficult to move around than they used to. The Walkin' Lift Combo Harness, which is actually two harnesses, a front harness and a rear harness, can help immensely, giving you a means of helping your dog get to and from higher places, like into your car for transport to and from the dog park.

     The front harness fits snugly around your dog's chest. It provides a handle for you to grab on to to support their upper body and legs.

     The rear harness fits firmly around your dog's abdomen and rear haunch. It provides another handle for you to hold to support their lower body and legs.

     If both your dog's front and rear mobility is impaired, you can quite easily use both, helping provide support for their entire body. If your dog's condition ends up requiring them to use a Walkin' Wheelchair, you'll already have the harness needed to keep them secure.

    You can find this product and others for motion-impaired pets on our website at

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