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The Secret of Dooby's Secret Stash Toy

The Secret of Dooby's Secret Stash Toy

FullSizeRender(3) Dooby's Secret Stash Dog toy is made by iChief out of oxford cloth, as well as organic hemp. The cloth is very durable, so even very tough chewers can have this toy without worry. Each one also comes with a squeaker for those dogs who are driven wild by noise. The main body of the toy is made of hemp, which is strong and sturdy, easily able to withstand long chew sessions, and the oxford cloth on the top and bottom of the toy is triple folded before being stitched, to make it last even longer. Of course, one of the main attractions of this toy is the great photos you can take, and how much your dog will enjoy chewing on this great toy. With their sturdy composition, great design, and attractive squeaker, iChief's Dooby's Secret Stash toy is a great choice for a new dog toy. You can find Dooby's Secret Stash Dog Toy on our website at:
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