The Variety of Nature's Variety

The Variety of Nature's Variety

Finding a food for a picky pet can be a challenge. Some pets may be allergic to certain types of protein or grain, and some may simply refuse to eat the same food again and again. Nature's Variety's solution to those problems is to provide a wide selection of foods, each with a different main protein. Their Instinct product line, pictured here, is also grain-free, to help protect against possible grain allergies, while their other main line, Prairie, provides a nice mix with plenty of meat, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Nature's Variety has a large range of flavors. They have regulars like Chicken and Salmon, less common ones like Lamb, Beef, and Duck, and even Rabbit! With all this variety, it makes it very easy to keep your pet's food on a rotation, which can help prevent overexposing your pet to specific ingredients, which can help reduce allergic reactions, help prevent other health issues by increasing the hydration level of your pet, and make them far less picky. Even if you're not worried about allergies or hydration, the wide selection ensures you'll be able to find a flavor your dog or cat loves. As an added benefit, many of their foods are either coated in freeze-dried raw food, or have small, bite-size chunks of freeze-dried raw food in them, to help provide pure nutrition, speeding up the rate at which your pet's digestive system can extract and absorb the nutrients from the food. You can find Nature's Variety on our website at

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