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Top 5 Reasons to Shop at Bernal Beast Pet and Online Stores

Top 5 Reasons to Shop at Bernal Beast Pet and Online Stores

Hey there, reader! Here's a list of five things we like about our store, and hopefully you like them too.
  1. Bernal Beast  has constantly been working together with rescues and within the community to help provide resources and supplies to those pets in need. We've had adoption events in our store with Wonder Dog Rescue, and donated food and supplies to rescues like Muttville and Rocket Dog Rescue.  When we started making the website, we wanted to be sure that that spirit was also included in the site, so we added the feature that, on checkout, customers could donate to a variety of shelters and rescue groups. To get on the site, all we need is that 501c3 group's information (as detailed here). As we've worked, we've also added on products like Rawz and Wagster treats, that also help support non-profit organizations. We're thrilled to be able to support rescues all over the country this way, and we hope you can help.
  2. Our brick-and-mortar store has been around for 21 years, and our employees have provided great customer service that entire time. We've been letting people special order products that they'd like and getting it to them in a timely matter since we began, and we've also started doing monthly re-orderings, letting people place orders that we consistently re-order every month for them.
  3. We provide a wide variety of natural and organic pet products. Your pet will be happy and healthy with our top brands. The Natura Petz Organics line of supplements is, as the name might suggest, made of all natural, organic ingredients and do wonders to help benefit your pet in a variety of ways, from hip and joint health, to diabetes, to alleviating the symptoms of respiratory issues. Additionally, a lot of our foods are also natural and organic, like Fromm, Orijen, Natural Balance, and many others.
  4. A lot of the products we feature are made in the U.S.A, ensuring that the products help keep jobs here in the United States, while also avoiding possible ingredient contamination that often can happen overseas. Fromm, Natural Balance, and Nutrisource are some of our best-selling, all-American made pet foods for both cats and dogs. Additionally, we also have a lot of treats that are made in the USA, like Wild Meadow Farms, Wagster Treats, and Bixbi Jerky, that are all great, delicious products for your dog to get rewarded with.
  5. We've also added on a free shipping option for certain products (indicated by the small purple truck under an item's price on the listing page), if the total order is over $49.When you go to check out, if those conditions are met, the free shipping option will show up in on checkout. We feel our customers deserve to have an easier time with shipping, without having to pay insane amounts to get their order to them.
Due to these reasons and more, we're proud of our store and website, and we hope you come check us out at!
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