We offer positive reinforcement training classes for your newly-adopted puppies and dogs. All of our trainers are graduates of the acclaimed Academy for Dog Trainers, a rigorous academic program that educates trainers in evidence-based dog behavior, training, and private behavior counseling. We offer a variety of options for your puppy or dog including puppy socials overseen by certified trainers, puppy kindergarten and second grade, real-world manners classes, tricks classes, and private one-on-one training sessions out of the shop.

We can’t wait to meet you and your furry friends and look forward to helping to train you and your canine companion so you have a healthy, stress-free life together.

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Puppy Kindergarten is the best way to start out on the right paw with your new family member! Puppies between 8 and 18 weeks are in the most formative time of their lives for learning and socialization.  It’s also a prime time to form a lasting bond with your pup.  In this class, we’ll cover all the developmental points of puppyhood including socialization, bite inhibition, and handling, as well as learning basic manners:  sit, down, stay, come, etc.

This is a fun and active class that will help your puppy become a happy, friendly, and confident urban canine!  Social distancing and masks required for the humans and ideally only one handler per pup in class.


In the second class of the puppy class series, we will help you train your teenage dog to listen! If your pup is a graduate of any positive reinforcement puppy kinder class and is under 1 year, this class is for you! Our focus will be on real-life manners training–working recalls, loose leash walking (outdoors!), leave its, teaching a placement cue (specifically ”go to your mat”), and teaching parents the training tools so they can work at different levels of distraction.

Remember the Three Ds? We will work on adding duration, distance, and distraction to all the cues we taught your pups in Puppy Kinder. Depending on the class dynamic, there may be an opportunity for continued structured off-leash play.

Learn all the cute things – shake, wave, spin! Continue to build your communication skills and your joyful teamwork with your dog. Do something fun that brings a smile to you and to everyone and show off your greatness as a team. No age restrictions, but a beginner class under your dog’s belt is helpful.

Pups need to socialize in order to learn about bite inhibition and get those ya-yas out! The push and pull between safely socializing your pup and protecting your sweet furball from disease are made even more difficult during a global pandemic. We offer small 30-minute pup playtimes that will adhere to social distancing guidelines for the puppy parents with markers on the ground designating 6 feet of separation.
Supervised by Puppy Experts, Stephanie Miller, who co-founded SF PUPPY PREP in 2003, we will make sure play is appropriate, interrupting, and encouraging where necessary.

Your pup must have at least one set of vaccinations given at least one week prior to their first social. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL PUPPIES BETWEEN AGES 9–18 WEEKS.

We use a daycare/shelter grade enzyme cleaner on our floors. Please bring TREATS for your sweeties for play breaks and a little training during play breaks. $15 for 30 minutes of “play and train” fun! Pre-registration required.


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