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Wonder Walker Girth Padding

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Wonder Walker Sizes

Wonder Walker has found a few dogs with a very short or non-existent coat may develop sores from the constant pressure of the webbing rubbing against their skin. The pad is made to fit the width of the webbing used in your harness. The pad will go under the triangles, the buckle, and most of the way under the girth strap. This will pad the area where the girth strap comes in contact with the side of your dog.

We use neoprene to make the pads. The surface is very smooth and unlike fabric will not pill or matt after hours of use or hold water if you are walking in the rain. It will slide easily against your dog's coat. Wonder Walker develped these pads because they want your dog to be comfortable when they are wearing the harness and learning to walk on the loose leash. They have not found them necessary for the vast majority of dog's.

These can be tossed in the wash any time they become dirty. Be sure to close the Velcro straps so they do not become clogged with lint. If you find they are a little longer than you need, just trim them to your desired length. Altered pads cannot be returned for credit or exchange.

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