Wonder Walker Hipster Walking/Jogging Belt

by Wonder Walker
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The Hipster Walking Belt and Leash is a hands-free tool for walking or jogging. We add reflective tape on the belt to make you more visible while walking. We use nubby neoprene on the inside of the belt so it grips your clothing and cannot slip around and around your hips or waist if your dog is extremely active as you are walking.

The Hipster is non-slip walking belt designed for hands-free walking of one or two dogs. Walk your dog while pushing a stroller or drinking your morning coffee. Extra rings are on the belt to allow you to walk more than one dog or attached a light for walking in the dark or to carry your plastic bags.

Dog walkers love this product as it is an easy way to walk two dogs at a time. Additional leashes are available for order. It is easy to keep track of each dog and just give a little tug on their leash as needed. The leashes are adjustable so you can give each dog the length they need as you walk or jog along.

The Hipster comes in four sizes. Each size adjusts so you can wear them over a heavy coat or over your shorts. The Small adjusts from 28 to 34 inches. The Medium adjusts from 33 to 40 inches. The Large adjusts from 38 to 46 inches. And the X-Large adjusts from 42 to 54 inches. We suggest you wear this over your hips rather than your waist to give you more stability as you walk.

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