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Wonder Walker Swivel Coupler

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Wonder Walker Leash Widths

These swivel couplers allow you to walk more than one dog at a time using your current leash. The dogs won't get tangled up with each other as they move around as the swivel moves with them. Or you may pair them up with the Service or Traffic Lead which will allow you to have a handle close to the coupler if you need more control at the curb.

The Couplers are available in four different widths and lengths. Each strap is adjustable allowing you the option of which dog takes the lead position or if they walk side by side. The 3/8" couplers are 15 inches long; the 5/8" couplers are 20 inches long; the 3/4" couplers are 25 inches long; and, the 1" couplers are 30 inches long.

Each Coupler features a solid brass swivel and two solid brass snaps. Plus, each one has a cast slide allowing you to vary the length of the strap from the swivel to the dog.

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