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Wonder Walker The Cruiser Leash

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This is an extremely versatile leash from the makers of the Wonder Walker Body Halter harness. By moving the padded handle to different parts of the leash, you can change the function to create different options. It is made to be tough, with two different types and thicknesses of webbing, colored on one and black on the other, as well as having safety straps on both ends.

You may use it as a double snap lead by attaching both snaps to your harness. By placing the padding at one end, you can create a comfy handle. Move the neoprene sleeve to the middle and slip one of the snaps through the floating ring and you now can walk two dogs; connect one of the snaps to a D ring or the O ring, and you have an over the shoulder leash. On the opposite end of the leash, you can connect a snap to a D ring and have a loop for the times you need to tie your dog up for a moment or two when you need to perform a brief task, like putting away groceries or drink you morning coffee or tea. See the above photos of the leash in the different configurations.

There are two lengths for the Cruiser: the shorter one is 5/8" wide and 7 feet long, while the longer one is 3/4" wide and 8 feet long. If you're somewhat tall, the longer leash can still be used over your shoulder with a smaller dog.

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